How to Remove Ingrown Toenail Completely Naturally Without Any Surgical Procedure!

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Ingrown toenail is a long-lasting condition, where the nail starts to grown on the side underneath the skin. The problem can be solved with surgery or other traditional methods, which can be expensive and painful. You also have the possibility to treat this problem at home, but only if there are no complications, while in early phase.

Instructions on removing ingrown toenail without surgery

First of all, soften the toenails and the skin around them. Make a hot bath using 3 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in 5 liters of hot water (37 degrees max.) and some sea salt. Soak your feet in the water until they get soft and then pull out the ingrown nail from the skin. To ease the whole process and make the nail more accessible, you can apply sticking plaster on the ingrown area.

Before starting, clean the affected area with iodine or anti-bacterial cream. With tweezers, put a small amount of cotton under the end of the nail in order to raise it. Repeat this procedure every 24 hours, for 15 days.

If you`re having problems with inserting the cotton between the nail and the skin, mix one grounded garlic clove or Aloe Vera with a tablespoon of raw honey and put this antiseptic cream on the area with the ingrown nail.

Two things you need to remember, because they are very important: soften the skin properly and change the cotton daily. After the 15 days, scrape the outer part of the problematic nail.

Regular pedicure is very important in preventing ingrown toenails. Also, consult your physician if you notice some infection in this area.

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