She Removed Her Brown Spots With THIS Common Ingredient. Amazing!

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With aging, dark spots start to appear on our skin. These spots are brown-colored and flat, also called age spots. They can appear anywhere on the skin, but the areas exposed to sun are more covered with these dark spots than the rest, which is the face, hands, shoulders, arms. The spots are not only typical for older people, they can appear on young people too, especially if they are spending lots of time exposed to direct sunlight.

What causes the dark, age spots?

The main reason is long period of exposure to sun, i.e. its UV rays. In contact with the skin, these rays increase the production of melanin, pigment responsible for skin coloration, located in the upper layer, and it creates a tan in order to protect the other skin layers from damage. So you should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from the sun, in order to stop them from appearing. Never expose the skin to sunlight for too long without applying sun cream.

People with lighter skin are more prone not only to sunburns, but also dark spots. These spots are not dangerous, they are only an aesthetic problem. But if they start to change the size, shape or color, you should see a dermatologist because this can indicate melanoma (skin cancer); some of the more usual symptoms are:

  • Darker pigment than usual
  • Strange combinations of color
  • Irregular shapes
  • Sensation of itching and tenderness, bleeding and redness
  • Very fast enlargement of the size

Home-made remedy

Doctors usually prescribe chemical peels or dermabrasion, bleaching creams or laser therapy for lightening the dark spots, but all of them involve possible side effects. Dr. Doug Willen, the author of Quantum Paleo, has a natural method for treating age spots, using juice from onion and apple cider vinegar: onions can neutralize free radicals, and the alpha hydroxy acids from the vinegar help in elimination of dead skin cells.

Instruction for preparation and use

Chop and crush the onion with a pestle, then blend it with the apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture with a cotton ball only on the spots. In the following video you can find more useful information about the treatment:


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