Don`t Drink Ice Water When It`s Hot Outside

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During the hot summer days, we all look for something to refresh us and lower our body temperature. Glass of water filled with ice cubes seems like the perfect solution.

But is it really?

No matter how illogical it may seem, ice water will cause the opposite effects of the want you expect.

What effects has ice water on the body?

In order to regulate its temperature, the body uses lots of energy, more than for digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food. Drinking cold water will cause the body to lose water and consume more energy for the additional heating it needs.

Ice water will narrow the blood vessels, slow the process of hydration as well as digestion.

Drinking ice cold water or any other cold beverage right after meal, increases the chances of catching a cold, even during summer. This will also stimulate increased saliva secretion and reduce your immunity.

Drink room temperature water and you`ll notice substantial digestion improvements. This will make you feel better during and after the meal.


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