Purina Sued For Producing Toxic Food Which, Allegedly, Killed Over 4.000 Pets

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Our pets are part of our family, some even see them as their children. So we are very careful with what we give them to eat. Even though companies for pet food advertise their products claiming to be genuine food, most of them contain animal by-products, corn by-products as well as wheat gluten meal. The Purina Beneful pet food line from Nestle is one of the most popular brands. Today they are being sued, facing a class action claim, stating that their food has caused deaths or serious health problem in more than 4,000 pets. If you dig a little bit, you`ll find many cases in which pets fed with Purina Beneful have suffered from severe internal problems. So pay closer attention the next time you`re buying your pet some food, replace the chicken by-product with a real chicken meat.

Handle Standard for Pet dog food

Pet owners, who used to give Purina food to their pets, are waiting for the class action lawsuit results.

Some of the health issues reported by pet owners are increased symptoms of stress, seizures, internal bleeding, incontinence, or liver malfunctions.

This food contains 2 potentially harmful ingredients:

  • propylene glycol is a chemical used in antifreeze, approved by the DEA for pet food, as well as salad dressings and cake blends; some items containing this compound have been banned in Europe; it`s not as dangerous as the ethylene glycol used in antifreeze, but it`s far away from being safe for your pets.
  • Mycotoxins from improperly saved grains are another harmful compound; pet foods contain great amounts of grains, which originate from many different sources, and most of them are not tested properly. Customers report that they have found maggots in the Beneful products, and symptoms consisted with poisoning with mycotoxin.

Should we make our own pet food?

If you spend so much time in preparing you own meals, why don`t you spend a little bit more to prepare your dog`s meal as well. You`ll know that you`re not putting your dog in danger, and you`ll save some money. Read about some reports of owners finding their beloved pets dead or saving their lives in the last moment. Is the life of your pet worth the extra time you`ll spend in preparing their meal? Of course it is!

Chose the ingredients carefully, don`t use sugar, too much grains or preservatives, and certainly no animal by-products. Prepare a well-balanced diet, using raw vegetables, lawn fed meat, organic eggs and avocado. Your dog will be healthy, happy and energetic. After all, they are part of your family, aren`t they?

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