Stay away from this oil: it is more dangerous than sugar!

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If you think that using this oil for cooking is healthy, you are very wrong!

Soy, soybean oil and variety of products from soybeans are dangerous and toxin, despite the fact that soy manufacturers will never admit this. In order to be non-toxic and safe for human consumption, soybeans need a long treatment, which is usually shortened by the manufacturers.

If you eat too much soy, your body will be stimulated to produce steroid hormones, which can increase the risk or early puberty in girls and delayed physical maturity in boys, as well as increased risk of Alzheimer`s disease.

Many soy beans products on the market are GMO, which is not stated on the label, so they can`t be avoid.

It is very unreasonable why soy milk is often recommended for infants as replacement milk.

Soy manufacturers are gaining so much profit that they will never admit what they are really selling us.


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