This Incredible Herb Can Enlarge Female Breasts And Make Men Amazing Lovers!


Fenugreek has been used for a very long time to make female breasts larger, because of its content of diosgenin, used for synthetic estrogen. This compound can stimulate the growth of new breasts cells, as well as increase their size and fullness.

This herb contains the largest concentration of this effective compound, from all the herbs used for enlargement of breasts. Almost 60% of all the steroid production is based on diosgenin, a steroid sapogenin.

Herbal capsules are the most common and effective way to use this herb for breasts enlargement, which can be found in almost every store for healthy food. In the beginning, take 1 capsule, and increase the dosage after a while.

Another way to use the fenugreek is to use it in the form of liquid herbal extract, for massaging the breasts with circular movements around the nipples. This helps the increase of blood circulation in this area which is very important for the process of breasts enlargement. Practice this method few times a day, for 4 months, and your breasts can increase for 1-2 cups.

In case you are taking fenugreek supplements for over 6 months, without any improvement, stop with the treatment, because the estrogen levels will increase so much that the body can`t handle it. It may cause serious complications, even cancer.

The fenugreek plant is also very beneficial in promoting sexual stimulation, it can balance blood sugar levels and, due to the high content of choline, it can help the process of thinking.

Almost 40% of the men over 40 experience some sort of erectile dysfunction or lower libido. If you are one of them, one option is to try testosterone therapy, but it`s better to turn to fenugreek, because it`s natural, and has the same effects.

Fenugreek is proven to have effects on improving the libido and increasing the levels of testosterone naturally. The phytochemicals called saponins and sapogenins are the main “culprits” for this.

Testosterone therapy does not have the same effects with taking herbal supplements. The natural testosterone boosters don`t cause the harm and danger as the conventional testosterone therapy, like increasing the risk of becoming dependent or heart attack, or the possibility of the body completely turning off the production of testosterone.

The fenugreek herb has other benefits for the male population, not only to improve their sexual health; it can decrease the levels of cholesterols and blood pressure, help with diabetes and maintain metabolism balance. Fenugreek is very powerful in relieving indigestion and heartburn, as well as decreasing the possibility of cardiovascular disease.


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