9 Health Benefits Of Eating A Slice Of Watermelon A Day!

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Watermelon is the trade mark fruit of summer, it`s refreshing, delicious and no barbecue can pass without a slice of it. You probably didn`t know how beneficial it can also be. It`s only the hydration you need during hot summer days, it`s also great for your kidney and high blood pressure.

It contains vitamin A & C, citrulline, lycopene, which are excellent for the overall health

Here are 9 incredible and surprising health benefits of consuming watermelon every day:

  1. Good for the skin: Add some watermelon if you want to refresh your skin; the vitamin A from this fruit will stimulate the growth of body tissue, moisturizing and making the skin glow.
  2. Healthy heart: Lycopene from watermelon can improve cardiac functions, so it`s recommended for people with heart problems or if you experience frequent chest pains. Also, the vitamin C, potassium and carotenoids will regulate cholesterol levels and maintain your heat healthy.
  3. Healthy kidneys: Regular consummation of watermelon will increase urine flow, which is very important for healthy kidneys and the painful process of passing kidney stones.
  4. Improved eyesight: Watermelon improves eyesight and keeps the eyes healthy; its vitamin A can prevent conditions like night blindness and macular degeneration related to age.
  5. Strong and healthy bones: The high content of potassium and lycopene keeps the joints and bones strong and healthy, reducing the risk of injury or deterioration.
  6. Balanced blood pressure: Include more watermelon to your diet to lower the blood pressure, because it`s rich in magnesium and potassium, both beneficial for this condition.
  7. Relieves sore muscles: Watermelon is excellent for relieving sore muscles and an anti-inflammatory agent. A study including volunteers who drank juice from watermelon before going to the gym, showed reduced muscle soreness, in comparison with the other group who drank a placebo. It`s better to use the whole fruit, because the juice contains more fructose.
  8. Help with asthma: High doses of vitamin C from watermelon can prevent development of asthma. Other nutrients from this fruit can improve the overall lung health, in those who already suffer from asthma.
  9. Helps the fight against Prostate cancer: Watermelon contains certain nutrients which are very useful in the fight against cancer; the antioxidant properties can reduce the risk of cancer. It`s especially helpful for prostate cancer, because of the lycopene content.


We hope that these 9 incredible benefits will make you add more watermelon to your diet during the summer period.

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