Back in The Past !! 3500 Years Old Ancient Cure – Written in The Bible, Poweful as The Bible Itself.

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The olive, also known by the botonical name Olea europea, or “ european olive” is the best fruit of the olive tree. Olive tree originates since the beginning of the world. Being the most popular vegetable worldwide, it has many alternative benefits, it is good for food, it is good for medicine, it is good for the skin, for the hair etc.. Some of us may or may not know these facts about olive, what most people don’t know is that other part of the olive tree that can be used and which have the most healing properties are the olive LEAFS. They can cure pneumonia, tuberculosis,flu meningitis, hepatitis B, herpes, gonorrhea and many more. Even more, they are also used after sugery, for desingection from certain bacteria, fungi. All of this wouldn’t be posible if it didn’t exist an important compound like OLEUROPEIN.

The best way to fight against pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, meninhitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, atherosclerosis,malaria, stomach ulers, diphteria, infections and ecephalitis is to prepare a cup of tea from olive leafs.

Do the instructions as it fallows:

Harvest the leaves in spring and leave them to dry on air. To make this tea you need 15-20 leaves, after you have collected and dried the leaves put them in a glass container and let it stand on a dark and cold place.

Put them in boiling water, and spin the leaves for 10 min.

Remove from stove and leave the tea to cool down for 15 min.

The tea is recommended to be consumed for a couple of weeks in a row so you can feel the benefits.

There is no person that cannot use this tea. Also, if you can’t drink the tea without sugar, put some honey or lemon instead of sugar.


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