Morgan Freeman Transforms His 124-Acre Ranch Into A Bee Sanctuary

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Not only he acts, directs, speaks, he also cares about the bees. He`s only talking, he`s taking some action as well. Recently, he was a guest at Jimmy Fallon`s Show and talked about his wish to help the planet.

Mankind`s unsustainable actions and habits are threatening the survival of bees, on the most necessary and incredible insects of nature. They are responsible for the pollination of many plants we consume every day, so imagine how your dinner would look like if bees go extinct. Earth`s and our own menu will drastically change if this happens.

Morgan Freeman is speaking loudly about many different issues, not related to his acting career. Just recently, he strongly supported legalization of marijuana, saying that he uses it himself. Also, he attacked the propaganda campaign of the mainstream media, during police brutality protests in Baltimore.

During his interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Morgan presented his plan to place 26 bee hives on his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi.

He said in the interview: “There is an effort to increase the number of bees on the planet. Most of us don`t realize that these insects are the foundation of growth and vegetation on the planet. I have a garden, filled with all sorts of flowers. My gardener takes care of the bees, not only the flowers, so she started planting trees and herbs that the bees like. Now we have acres of clover, lavender and about 140 magnolia trees.”

He also added: “I don`t use beekeeping hat when I`m with my bees. None of them have stung me until now, because I`m just feeding them, not harvesting honey, and the can understand that. They probably think “Leave this guy alone, he brings us sugar water.”

Watch the video for the full interview.


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