Alarming Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

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You can become sugar addictive in no time, and you should know that sugar is not you friend even though it tastes deliciously. We were given sugary products since we were kids and we continue this tradition of awarding ourselves with it till now.  This is going to change once you realize how bed it is for your overall health and once you learn the difference between really healthy foods and the fruit bars that are actually full with toxic with all that sweetening chemicals that are added to them.

What does consuming sugar lead to :

  1. Headaches
  2. Different types or aches and pain
  3. Blood sugar fluctuations
  4. Constipation
  5. Tiredness
  6. Dread disease
  7. Cancer

How to get over sugar and how to train your body to burn fat as its primary form of fuel, and not sugar?

Here are some tips that will help you :

  1. Read labels of all the products that you eat throughout the day.
  2. Avoid processed foods, they are full with sugar
  3. Try eating natural and raw fruits
  4. Your body also needs vegetables
  5. Lean meat only
  6. Eat fish twice or thrice a week or more, not only once.
  7. Cut out carbs
  8. Don’t reach for chocolate and other sweets
  9. Eat full fat.

Natural sugar is the best substitute of the sugar we are used on. Balanced diet is what your body needs, and by balanced we mean fats and protein, antioxidants and voila, you will feel like new, active and energized without the sugar.

Get on a scale and write down that number, don’t be scared, let that fear of being fat become the motivation to cut out sugar and get your diet plan.

You don’t need to cut all the sugar, you can start slowly. The first week replace the high sugar foods to medium sugar impact foods. Example: quinoa instead of pasta.

The next 7 days, switch the medium with low impact sugar foods. Bye bye fructose, you’ll want to eat 5 grams of fructore or less for a day.

The third week is all about cutting out fruits that are rich in sugar. Lemons, avocado, tomato, olives, limes etc are allowed because they are all low sugar impact foods

But now you are also enjoying the lean meats, wild salmon, leafy green vegetables, seeds, nuts, quinoa, lentils and legumes.


Remember your diet plan will tell you which are the good foods and which are the bad.  Schedule meals to regular breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This is called intermittent fasting.  Learn to stop snacking.


Fermented vegetables

These are really good for you as they promote gut health.  Gut health, or gut flora, is a new buzzword.  It is an important one.  A health gut is a healthy body is a healthy mind.


Nuts are filling, they are high in the good fats, low in protein and do not have sugar.  A handful a day is all that is necessary.   They contain the healthy fats but also have calories which is why you have just a few a day.

Dehydrated kale chips

Grow your own kale if you can.  Otherwise buy it from the store and leave it to dry naturally.  You can’t overdose on kale or kale chips, and it is filled with antioxidants.


A lot of vegetables are really delicious.  Snack on broad beans with a hummus, or snow peas straight out the shell. Carrots are brilliant too.

Maintaining your weight

You will know that you are burning fat for energy and not sugar for energy when you no longer feel hungry all the time, when you stop having mood swings and when your energy levels are regular. You should be able to go five to six hours without eating.  You also should not have cravings any longer.


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