Woman Has Earth- Shattering Headaches For 9 Months.. Then Doctors Pull This Out Of Her Head

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This woman is from Texas and she is 31 years, she says that she had never experienced such painful and long headache in her life. Her name is Yadira Rostro and she felt that pain for nine months, when at the end when she couldn’t handle the pain anymore, she visited a doctor.

They used a CT scan to figure out what’s the cause of the headache and they found that she had abnormal growth along with the symptoms of brain tumor which are diminishing eyesight, nausea and dizziness.

If she didn’t go to the doctor it could be too late. She says that she is lucky to be alive, and thanks to the doctors she picked up tapeworm eggs that have been stored at the base of the brain.

Experts suspect that she got the eggs from Mexico where she was on a trip and there she may have eaten tapeworm- laden food. The condition, which isn’t considered common, is known as neurocysticercosis. And, after the surgical procedure, her vision was back to normal. And the best part about that is no more headaches.

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