OMG Again? Look What They Found In McDonalds Chicken Nugget!


It would be understandable if this happened once or twice, but this many times is an outrageous number for a food service and company. People all around the world keep finding “ something” in their fast food, and this one is about a woman named Nikki that ordered chicken nuggets and after the first bite, she regretted that she even stepped foot into the local McDonald’s store.

What she saw in her chicken nugget was a worm hanging out of it, and it looked discussing.

BPM MEDIA: Neil and Nikki Sanders who found a worm in a McDonald’s chicken nugget. Fast food fan Nikki Sanders had a not-so-Happy Meal when she bought McDonald’s for her four-year-old daughter.

She bought the chicken nuggets for her daughter Emily, and since she wasn’t feeling hungry, Nikki took a bite from one. After the distasteful surprise that was waiting for her in it, she decided to eat healthy food and take better care of herself and her family.

The Mc Donald’s personal apologized to the mother and wanted to give them free food for their inconvenience. She just wanted from them to improve their food safety and make the customer the highest priority.

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