After Seeing How Gummy Candies Are Really Made, You’ll Never Eat Them Again (Disturbing & Graphic)

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As we grow older, we realize the damage that gummy candies can do to our body and organism. As first negativity of these treats is that they are full of sugar and that is the number one reason for waist fat gain. However, sometimes even though we know all that, we always take one or two when they appear in front of us.

That will no longer be the case because this video will inform you about the kind of gelatin that these candies are made of. That is gelling agent created by way of animal skin and bones.

Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens made this short movie of gummy production and the facts and truths in it will suppress your desire for candies made of this kind of gelatin.

But, on the other side, there are some candies that are made with vegan gelatin substitutes, such as agar from the three algae.

While agar is derived from red algae, gelatin is made mainly from the collagen present in pork skins, pork and cattle bones, or split cattle hides. Contrary to popular belief, horns and hooves are not used. Agar is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high is calcium, folate, iron and vitamins amongst others. It is ideal for people interested in weight loss and maintaining good health.

The fact that most of those candies are made of boiled and chopped animal remains, full of toxins and tons of sugar will horrify you and like the Kneepkens says: “I got the assignment to direct some reversed audiovisual stories showing the production of some of our food. I saw quite a few slaughter houses and examples of both industrial and artisan food production. A true eye opener. Jelly’ is candy. But only a few people know they’re made of gelatin from the skin of pigs. Sweet?”

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