More Than 500 Reported Dead As Haiti Starts Long Cleanup After Hurricane Matthew


The number of victims of the Hurricane Matthew in Haiti has been confirmed to 572, with a supposition of their elevation or multiplication. Most of the deaths happened In the southwest region.

This devastating hurricane churned north along the coast of Florida on Friday, and state officials and forecasters shifted their focus to the danger of serious damage in Jacksonville later in the day. Jacksonville is by far the largest population center in the hurricane’s path with 868, 000 people living in the city. Parts of the city and few other towns are fully exposed to the storm.

Horrification is all around the coast. Houses are without roofs, there is no place of soil left, and some comment that this has never happened before. But, in 1964, a category 4 hurricane Flora hit Haiti and took 8000 lives.

The death of a woman and her 6- year-old daughter that were headed to the nearby church for shelter, but the wind blow them away…

People need elementary products, water, food, and clothes. This delivery is via helicopter and it is hard. The citizens are left without money and say that they are hungry.

Matthew advanced up the length of the Bahamas on Wednesday and Thursday, tearing roofs away, toppling trees and causing flooding that trapped some people in their homes. There had been no reports of casualties by late Thursday as the storm headed toward Florida’s coast. Four people died in the neighboring Dominican Republic on Tuesday.

Les Caye’s resident Jean Joseph described the scene in his town – one of the worst-hit – as “complete devastation”.

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