Roommates Bought A Couch For 20 Dollars: They Were Shocked When They Found This Inside The Couch

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Their apartment was not designed in a way that will offer them lots of space, not so spacious, but comfortable. After providing the essential equipment, they were left with 20 dollars to buy a couch and fortunately, they found one. Because the couch was not so beautiful considering the little money they bought it with, they decided to do a little research. Out of curiosity, roommate Ris Vercoven unbuttoned the couch and found an envelope. In the envelope were hidden 4000 dollars and this was one of the many other envelopes they found later inside the couch.

Altogether, they had 40 000 dollars from the envelopes, and in one of them, they saw a name of a woman. They decided to find the woman and did so the next day. They gave the money to the 90- years-old widow and she shed tears because of their act.

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