If You Know Anyone Considering The Flu Shot This Year, Show Them This!

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Medical experts, media and pharmaceutical industry insist in people getting a vaccine. But, while focusing on the good side of vaccines, they miss mentioning something as important as the vaccine alone. And, they ignore the fact that vaccines actually dangerous side effects because of the presence of toxic chemicals.

If you are thinking about getting vaccinated or not, then fist, you should know the fallowing facts against vaccines.

See what you are risking when you get vaccinated:

Most of the cases, kids get sick after vaccination. Due to the immunosuppressant- weakening effects caused by the flu shot.

Vaccines have toxic ingredients like mercury.

Mercury is a heavy metal, and because of its toxicity, many uses of mercury are being phased out or are under review. This metal assists the development of heart problems, digestive imbalance, loss of memory, breathing problems, ADD, depression, etc.

The flu shot increases the chances of Alzheimer’s

A research study conducted in 2001 with 4392 participants showed that the risk of developing Alzheimer’s was decreased for those who had received influenza immunizations (flu shots), as well as with for those who received the vaccinations for diphtheria or tetanus (grouped together in their research) or poliomyelitis (polio).

It’s all about the money

Today the vaccine market is worth close to $24 billion.

Serious neurological disorders

These disorders are caused by the detrimental ingredients consisted in the vaccines. In 1976 vaccinated people were prone to developing the Guillain-Barré syndrome. This is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system.

Increases the risk of narcolepsy

In a paper in Science Translational Medicine (STM) this week, researchers offer a possible explanation. They show that the vaccine, called Pandemrix, triggers antibodies that can also bind to a receptor in brain cells that help regulate sleepiness. The work strongly suggests that Pandemrix, which was given to more than 30 million Europeans, triggered an autoimmune reaction that led to narcolepsy in some people who are genetically at risk.

Vascular disorders

Medically speaking, the vaccines against the flu are closely associated with vascular inflammation. The symptoms can be painful jaw, pain in the upper arms, neck, shoulders, hips, headaches, stiff neck, muscle pain, etc.

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