These Are Some Of The Ingredients Which Can Be Fatal: Most Of Us Have Them In Our Kitchens!

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The list of these foods is not so long, but it drew our attention since they can actually harm our well-being. In order to maintain your good shape and health, you should take a look and avoid them.

  • Potatoes

Often times, potatoes have a greenish skin. When they are kept for a longer period of time, potatoes usually produce sprouts which contain glycoalkaloids-known chemical compounds that can cause coma, diarrhea, and even death. Hence, if you have a bag of potatoes in your food storage that’s been there for days and days, get rid of it right away!

  • Nutmeg

Only 5.5 grams of nutmeg can cause seizures, while 8 grams can be the reason for a condition called nutmeg psychosis, a transient mental health sickness characterized by symptoms like disorientation, delusions, and hyperexcitation.

  • Tuna

Tuna can “absorb” mercury on its flesh. Unluckily, when mercury accesses your body, it can go out of the kidneys and penetrate the brain. Your children should not consume it.

  • Almonds

There are two kinds of almonds, bitter and sweet. The bitter ones contain high amounts of hydrogen cyanide and 7 to 10 of these bitter nuts can be lethal for kids and cause specific health problems in grown-ups.

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