Touch The End Of Your Toes and You Will Know If You Have a Heart Problem or Not!


heart problem

The world population has developed a tendency of increasing the number of individuals that have some kind of heart problem. Heart diseases can be a very difficult condition to treat and mostly, the treatment lasts for the rest of your life. If you want to know for sure if you heart is healthy or not, touching your toes will prove that. You need to touch the top of your feet with your hand fingers. If you succeed to touch it, then you don’t have an issued heart.

A recent study published in the Heart and Circulatory Physiology found that this method really works. This method was confirmed by a study conducted in the Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

Now, see the right way to do it correctly:

  • First, sit on the floor with your feet extended forward and toes pointing up.

  • Then, try to stretch out and reach the top of your toes with your hands.

  • If you are bending enough to touch your toes, your heart is well and in great condition.

  • You don’t have a heart problem.

This study took place in the USA (North Texas) and it included about 526 participants between 20 and 83 years old. Their blood pressure was measured while they were implementing this method and the arteries and heart activity was closely observed.

The conclusion of this study was that they established a link between the artery elasticity and the body, particularly in participants aged over 40.


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