Ellen Invites A Rescue Pit Bull onto Her Show, and He’s Won Over Viewer’s Hearts With His Antics

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rescue pit bull

Due to illegal dogfighting rings, pit bulls reputation was ruined. They are commonly linked with aggressiveness, but in this show, we get to see the good side of these dogs.

A woman called Tia Torres is trying to end such stereotypes, by managing a pit bull shelter, named The Villalobos Rescue Center. But there’s more to the story.
She was invited to The Ellen Degeneres Show, so she tried to describe how her program’s mission is to support these dogs to find a home and socialize with people.
“It [the show] takes the most malign breed of dog in the entire world and pairs them up with newly released convicts from prison.”

“Ultimately they teach each other,” Torres told Ellen. “The dogs don’t judge – the dogs don’t care if you have a bad past or if you have tattoos. They just love you back.”

The Villalobos Rescue Center is a sheltered place for more than 250 pit bulls and gratefully to the show, many more people are aware of the pet homelessness epidemic. According to Torres, there’s an overwhelming demand for dogs to be housed in her shelter and it can be challenging to find pit bulls homes because of their unfortunate stereotype.

“It’s about responsibility,” said Torres. Part of the biggest problem with pet abandonment is the lack of ownership when it comes to caring for pets.

Hopefully, with the help of great people like Tia Torres, these incredible dogs can get caring homes! Good job, Tia!

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