These Are Four Warning Signs That You Might Have HIV? Urgent Check!!



These are warning indications of possible HIV disease that must be addressed:

  • Muscle pains

Ache and weakness of the hands, backbone, legs, joints may be expressing potential HIV infection. If you feel intense and intolerable discomfort, ask your doctor.

  • Loss of short-term memory

If you have this sign, pay a visit to a physician because the loss of memory may be representing many diseases, not only HIV.

  • Sweating and temperatures

If you regularly have a temperature varying from 37, 6 * C and 38.2 ° C with extreme sweating, visit a doctor because it may show the initial stages of HIV infection.

  • Excessive tiredness

Not feeling enough energy can be a sign of different conditions, and even HIV.


If you have these symptoms, it is recommended to do more analyses and  tests so you would be sure that they are not serious.

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