9 Strange Things Your Body Does That You Never Knew Were Defense Mechanisms


Defense Mechanisms

A significant number of biological cycles and systems in our bodies keeps us safe from the potential harmful diseases and infections.

A finely harmonized immune system recognizes and destroys unknown substances and organisms that enter the body. The immune system can differentiate between the body’s own tissues and external substances called antigens. Antigens are substances that are recognized as a threat to the body’s immune system, which triggers the formation of specific antibodies against the substance.

This enables cells of the immune command to recognize and kill only those enemy antigens. The ability to identify an antigen also permits the immune system to “remember” antigens the body has been endangered to previously so that the body can install an active and immediate immune response the next time any of these antigens arrive.

Here are the situations that your body defenses you without you even knowing:

  1. Yawing: its purpose is to cool down the brain after working too much.
  2. Sneezing: Clears the nasal passages from allergies, microbes and dirt.
  3. Stretching: preparing you to the new day or works up the muscles, increases blood flow and stops mood changes.
  4. Hiccuping: improves digestion
  5. Myoclonic jerks: as the result of the fact that when you begin to fall asleep, the frequency of your breathing rapidly falls, whilst your pulse slows down only very slightly and your muscles are relaxed.
  6. Wrinkling of the skin: make it easier for you to grip smooth surfaces when exposed to moisture.
  7. Goosebumps: The main purpose of goosebumps is to decrease the amount of heat our bodies waste over the pores of our skin, which then makes it easier to heat ourselves in cold circumstances.
  8. Tears: stress, depression, anxiety releaser.
  9. Memory loss: Loss of memory often happens after the occurrence of the most unpleasant experiences. Our brains literally delete the most terrible moments from our memories.


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