See If You Are Expecting a BOY or a GIRL with This Simple Baking Soda Gender Test

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Baking Soda Gender Test

If you’re pregnant and eager to find out the gender, but the restricted ultrasound doesn’t give you this information, don’t hide your curiosity. The Pregnancy Board has been debating for the past year a special kind of DIY gender forecast test. They came up with a solution, and it is all possible now by using the all mighty baking soda.

How is the Baking Soda Gender Test done?

The method is simple and easy. Add a tablespoon baking soda in a glass. After, add some of your urine in the baking soda. The results are better when you pee in the morning.

If the mixture of urine and baking soda fizzes, it’s a boy. If there are no changes, you are carrying a girl.
Sadly, there is no science proof for the test. But, you can try it because it is entertaining and you never know when it might be right.

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