This Is A Blessing! Attracts Money To Your Home And Doesn’t Cost A Thing. This Placed In A Bottle Will Change Your Life!

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Many people think that there is not a ritual or other some kind of blessing that will miraculously help them with all that work, financial problems etc..

This treatment is completely safe and all you have to do is to put the good vibes, smiles, thoughts, and energy to the object you desire. In this article, we are speaking about the money.

Sometimes, a busy life can lead to health problems, mostly because we stress about not having enough time, not having enough money to get through the month.

Anyway, trying this method won’t cost you a thing and more importantly, you’ve got nothing to lose.

You need:
6 peppercorns
2 handfuls of rice
2 green candles
2 hermetic glass bottles


Bring water to boil so you can sterilize the bottles or jars if you decide to use jars instead of bottles.

When the bottles have dried well, add a handful of rice. Pour the water until you cover them. Repeat this for every bottle.

Place one in your kitchen and one in the living room. Make sure they are exposed to daylight.

Once positioned, put one green candle in front of every bottle.

It is necessary to blow the candle.
Finally, once you’ve finished this process, discard the candles but keep the jars.

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