My Grandma Always Puts Some Olive Oil In The Clementine, Once I Found Out Her Secret, I Immediately Tried It Out

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The heart-warming, at the same time the most beautiful holidays are coming soon, and the winter is becoming colder and colder. Firstly, we like to stay warm and cuddle. Lighting some aromatised candles are part of the Christmas atmosphere, aside from the Christmas tree and other decorations.

While we are talking about candles, being creative and innovative is the most important skill you need.

This is how my grandma did it:

Instead of throwing away the skin of the clementine she would take one and use the halves of it to stick out the bottom of the peel’s center pipe.

After that, she would put two tablespoons of olive oil in it and then on the other half of the peel make some star-shaped cuts. The light will go through them, giving it a touch of charm that brings up the Christmas spirit with a lovely smell.

When the peel has sucked the olive oil in you can remove the matches and light the small wick in the middle of the shell. Put the lid on and your new home candle will be ready lasting for almost half an hour.

Tip: Make sure the clementine is placed in a safe place in the room.


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