Place 3 Cut Lemons On Your Nightstand And It Will Change Your Life Forever, Believe It Or Not!


Negativity harms ourselves and every person around us mostly because humans can feel the energy and absorb it. It affects our ability to grow into something bigger, with only one goal- having a fulfilled, happy life. Moreover, negative energies give us nothing good as they can harm our health and well-being.
Presumably, your parents have taught you to believe and trust the things that you can see and comprehend. So, if you are one of those minds fallowing and materialistic people, we recommend you to be more open to new spiritual ways to improve your life.

Lemon is one of the fruits that can counterbalance and fight negative vibrations and reestablish peace in one’s life.

This is because, lemon as one of the citric fruits holds and provides us with various beneficial properties, health, and beauty, strength and also energy.

For this method, you need to acquire green lemons. The result, your life will be more relaxed, with less stress, and less tension.

Put 3 green lemons in different areas in the house. As soon as their color changes from green to yellow or black, place new ones.
Another solution is to place a container with 9 lemons in a bed of rice and keep the basket in your fridge. Add one lemon in the center and eight around it.

If you think someone is spreading bad energy in your office, then, place 3 lemons in a drawer of your desk or bag and you will see improvements after 1 day.

Use spray water with squeezed lemon to spread the smell of lemon around your house. This will eliminate negativity and bring the positive vibes again.

If you lack love in your life and want to attract some, then you should just place three lemons in a vase and place it on your nightstand or near your bed.
To discharge negative vibes you have received during the day, slice one lemon into 4 bits and put them on a plate so that they look like a cross. Then, make a circle from grain salt around the pieces and put the plate under your bed before you go to sleep. When you wake up, remove the pieces of lemon by throwing them in the trash without touching the lemons again. Repeat this method for 3 consequent days and you will notice a notable advancement in your overall mood and feelings.

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