How To Remove The White Patches On Your Skin, Medical Name “Vitiligo”

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White Patches

Vitiligo is is a skin condition in which a loss of pigment causes the skin to appear white (depigmentation). One of the more obvious and unpopular symptoms of aging can be the white patches or spots that appear on hands, arms, chest, and face caused by years of sun damage.

This kind of spots is the worst since they can ruin the beauty of one colored, smooth skin. They influence the self-confidence of the person making them feel ashamed and ugly. So, someone can get used to them and even more, starts to love them, but that’s usually not the case.
The medicinal term for white patches is vitiligo which can develop on various body parts.

Specialists think the reason can be an automotive disorder where the immune system attacks the melanin-producing cells, overexposure to sun rays, extreme stress, vitamin B12 insufficiency, external fungal infections etc.

With that being said, there are natural solutions that can change and improve the skin condition. If you choose to try them, we recommend you to consult your doctor.


It helps the blood circulation and increases the melanin production. Cut a couple of parts of fresh ginger and implement it on your skin giving it time to dry. Do this treatment one to two times a day for at least 2 weeks and you will notice the changes.

Ginkgo Bilboa

The plant has a plenty of therapeutic qualities and holds high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, these are antioxidants shield the human body against oxidative cell damage from harmful free radicals. Consume 40-80 mg 3 times a day, but the dosage must be prescribed by your doctor.

Apple cider vinegar

Combine water and apple cedar vinegar in same quantities and apply on the troubled skin 2 times a day for a month.

Tips for how to prevent skin patches appearance:
-avoid environment and food pollution
-rational diet and nutritional balance- consume more food rich in tyrosine and minerals should be eaten appropriately, such as beef, pork, poultry eggs, fresh vegetables, beans, peanuts, sesame seed, raisins, shellfish, nuts, etc.

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