Mom Saw A Ring Around Her Daughter’s Neck. If You Spot This Too, Rush To The Hospital. See Why!


Lately obesity rates within kids increase higher and higher- indicating more young people, children and teenagers, are at risk of exhibiting Type 2 diabetes.

This girl named Pantera has only 14-years-old, and she uncovered the truth by her own experience. This occurred when her well-being changed. At the beginning, she was feeling thirsty continually and got headaches with drastic mood changes.

After a while, some odd dark circle appeared throughout her neck. Her Mom assumed she didn’t shower enough, and next, this directed to the true diagnosis.

In case you didn’t know, the dark ring that appears on the neck is most certainly not dirt. It is one of the signs of Type 2 diabetes.

More precisely, when the body’s insulin is not functioning right. The dark ring called “acanthosis nigricans,” also appears in the underarm or groin area.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition generally associated with adults. In particular, it used to be termed adult-onset diabetes. But now, type 2 diabetes in children is on the rise, fed largely by the obesity epidemic.

If it appears early, it could be harder to treat. Protection standards are crucial in these cases. That involves having physical activity and healthy diet.

Pantera’s mom hopes that this will motivate other parents to change their lifestyles as soon as possible, instead of allowing consequences of Type 2 diabetes to happen.

Everything that you include in your kid’s daily intake will influence the diseases they may or may not develop as grown-ups. We are aware that kids love chicken nuggets, and the French fries, and the chips but you must know that they are harmful.

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