Man Married 5 Women. A Look Inside Their Home Will Leave You Flabbergasted

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5 Women

In a small, rural town just outside of Salt Lake City lives one of the most controversial families that were worth to appear on the TV. His name is Brady Williams and has 5 women  as his wives and 24 children with them. They all live in a two big houses cause this family has 30 members.

Obviously, they don’t care about the opinion of others and believe that polygamy is the normal way to form a family.

So they accepted to be featured on their own television show produced by TLC.

The show is called “My Five Wives” premièred on Sept. 15, 2013, IMDB reports.

From the cameras placed in each bedroom of his 5 years, we can see Williams waking up and kissing every wife in the morning.

According to The Atlantic, the Williamses avoid the fundamentalist church as Williams and his five wives never force the polygamist mindset upon their children.

Robyn Williams, spoke for The Atlantic, saying that they didn’t want their children to worry about what will others think or say because they the kids to have a wider viewpoint on the world.

It is expected that in such family, boring does not exist. After all, there are 30 different members in the household.

The theme of discussion is the questions about jealousy between the 5 women.

The show only lasted 2 seasons, and then it was canceled despite the interest in the show.

Today, the Williamses continue to reach out to their fans via YouTube where they upload routine updates to their channel Brady and Wives.

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