She Extend Her Left Hand Out. Seconds Later She’s Shocked When This Emerged From The Water

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The adventuresome know that we all live on the cusp of incredible potential. If that thought scares rather than thrills you, then maybe it is time to look at the world from the adventurous point of view.

In order to feel that joy of the unknown, and unaware of the dangerous risks they may be getting into, these people can involve in some bad situations. Making it even more interesting and exciting activity. So, that’s why some popular tourist companies are creating adventurous programs, to make more profit.

San Ignacio is the most preferred tourist destination in Mexico. And a group of vacationists decided to get on a boat with hope to see gray whales.

While enjoying the water and the view, one of the tourists spotted something big moving under the water. As the object was getting closer and closer to the boat, this person neared a hand to it.

Suddenly a whale surfaced from water and for them, it was a chance to feel its skin.  So they all had a wonderful experience.

Check out the video and see their reaction.

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