Mom Saves Kids from Fire By Pushing Them Out Front Door—Then Has to Close Herself in with Flames

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One week ago, the fire rescuers were called to the Fiorini home. When they got there, the scene was a little bit confusing. Two kids were standing in front of the burning house. Then they saw a woman, lying on the floor, unconscious, and another child. It was clear that the kids had hardly skipped a devastating fire.

As WLTX News reports, Angel Fiorini opened her eyes, saw a room full of smoke, and realized that there was a fire in her house. She and her three kids, were in the house, so she hurried up to get them out before they got hurt.

Angel took 18-month-old Rosalie and 3-year-old Vinny and carried them outdoor. She didn’t think they’ll understand the warning to stay there, so she went back inside and locked the doors, even though she knew she’ll be locking herself in with the flames.

While she searched for her third child, 7-year-old daughter Gianna, the density of the smoke and flakes increased, so when she found Gianna, she wasn’t able to locate and see the door.

Angel’s friend, Carla Klauder explained that when she realized she won’t find the door, she laid on top of Gianna, so she wouldn’t get burned.

Sadly, Angel succumbed to the smoke and was severely burned by the fire. A man that was passing by the house, noticed the fire and the two kids in front of it. She and Gianna were still there and the man dragged the unconscious mom and girl out of the doorway.

Immediately, they were all transported to the hospital, the two children did not have serious injuries, as they were out on time. Gianna, who was guarded against the flames by her mother’s body, had second-degree burns on approximately 14% of her body. She was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Angel, though, was kept in the hospital for weeks in a dangerous condition, recovering from her injuries. She had second and third-degree burns, over 50 % of her body that required extensive skin grafts.

When she was receiving the care she needed, she only demanded to call her husband and to inform him about what happened.

Finally, after five weeks in the hospital, Angel is with her children again, but they will be facing a lot of difficulties. But, the important thing is that they are still alive, and with time, they’ll regain everything they lost in the fire.

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