WARNING: Popular “Child-Friendly” Hobby Is Spreading Serious Infection to Kids


The best way to keep entertained the kids on any occasion is building an inflatable bounce house for them. They won’t get off that thing, it is obviously interesting for them to bounce and jump as much as they can.

Sadly, the story of this mom will make you reconsider the next time you think about keeping the kids occupied with this.

At a summer graduation party, the kid of the mother named Brenda Sanderson was enjoying the bouncing house. After the party, she noticed some odd sores on her 10-year-old boy.

A most rational reason was that the sores were only burn marks from the plastic in the bounce house. However, Brenda and her son went to see the doctor for an expert opinion.

When they heard the doctor’s opinion, Brenda was surprised and shocked. These sores were expanding in size and releasing ooze. The doctor was almost certain that it was a staph issue. He said that if they didn’t act fast, the infection could’ve ended even more serious and deadly.

He said that staph infection may come from a gym or something that’s not being washed or cleaned properly and it’s full of bacteria.

So, objects like bounce houses are usually rented out, are examined for safety by state officials, but not for cleanliness. The owners have the duty to clean them properly after they rent it and when they return it.
If something like that happens to your kid, you should immediately visit the doctor.

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