Parents Who Starved Baby Sentenced To 60 Years

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Being a parent and caring for a baby can be a wonderful experience but at times, it can be daunting and overwhelming as certain freedoms are restricted. But, you should know that maintaining your identity and a sense of self is vital when raising a child.


However, some people don’t deserve to have this kind of experience. Furthermore, some mothers don’t even want the baby they gave birth to, they think that it ruined their life plans etc. But what happens to the babies that aren’t wanted? Rightly, adoption is always an option that should be considered, each year over 20,000 children age out of the adoption program because no one wanted them? Anyhow, what this couple did is unspeakable, I don’t believe it!

Justin and Brittany Alston, a couple from Texas had a baby together. They had friends in their night who they invited for dinner when one of the guests heard a weird sound in one of the rooms. He followed the crying noise and when he opened the door, they were shocked and didn’t believe what they were looking at. The newborn was just lying in a pool of vomit, piss, and s***, emaciated to the point that no one was even sure he would survive.

They took the baby to the hospital as quickly as they could, while the parents were held in the police station for interrogation. Due to their rudeness and carelessness in taking care of the baby, they were both sentenced to 60 years!

The baby survived and was saved from her irresponsible parents! After two months in foster care that malnourished baby is chubby, pink and just as beautiful as could be.

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