Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

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Because no one is perfect all the time

Ya gotta love a good ole smoothie…

They’re delicious, loaded with nutrients and completely foolproof.

Plus, if you use the right ingredients, they’re the perfect way to start your day.

But here’s the thing…

Most of the delicious smoothies we love are loaded with nothing but sugar in the way of fruit, fruit juice, honey and granola.

When consumed, sugar triggers inflammation in our bodies.

Ergo, sipping on that “healthy” morning beverage may cause more harm than good.

What should you do instead?

Drink this anti-inflammatory smoothie.

It’s loaded with ingredients that may have the ability to reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Because living in a state of chronic inflammation is not good for anyone! Which is scary seeing as medical experts believe this is the state most of us are living in. Yikes!

And although we can’t change our genes, we may be able to make lifestyle changes to potentially reduce this inflammation.

Let’s take charge and fill our bodies up with the good stuff, shall we?

Inflammation, Not the Helpful Kind

Inflammation is our immune system’s attempt to protect our bodies from harm. It presents itself in a variety of ways such as redness, swelling, and joint pain.

You’ll most commonly notice inflammation from a splinter or cut, however, this article is addressing a different type of inflammation called chronic inflammation.

Evidence suggests that chronic inflammation is the reason for many serious age related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Chronic inflammation seems to be induced by stress levels, sedentary lifestyle, genetics and of course diet.

According to Dr. Weil, the Doctor behind the revolutionary Anti Inflammatory Diet

“Diet has a huge impact, so much so that I believe that most people in our part of the world go through life in a pro-inflammatory state as a result of what they eat”. 

So what does he propose we do to combat the “pro-inflammatory state” we live in? 

“I’m convinced that the single most important thing you can do to counter chronic inflammation is to stop eating refined, processed and manufactured foods”.

He also suggests eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties.

There are tons of delicious foods to help you reap the benefits of reduced inflammation, we’ve listed some of our favorites (that will be going in this smoothie) below.

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Ingredients

Luckily we may have more control over this inflammation than you’d think by not eating certain foods and incorporating others.

Cutting out the junk is up to you, as far as adding foods in?

Here are some superstars that’re easy to toss into your next morning smoothie!

Omega-3 fatty acids:

Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in foods such as fish, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp.

This nutrient has awesome anti-inflammatory properties.

Unlike Omega-6 fatty acids, our bodies can’t produce Omega-3s, which is why it’s critical to eat foods rich in this nutrient.

According to Dr. Oz, incorporating omega-3 fatty acids may help to alleviate arthritis pain!

Ingredient in this recipe with Omega-3’s: Flax Seeds.

Alternative Smoothie Ingredient: If you don’t have flax seeds or flax seed meal swap it for English Walnuts (higher in Omega-3’s than Black Walnuts) or Chia Seeds.

Chia seeds actually contain more Omega-3’s than salmon! If you’re using them in your smoothie, make sure to soak and expand them before eating.


Ginger is where it’s at.

It contains an anti-inflammatory compound called gingerols, which reduce pain and inflammation in people suffering from some inflammatory illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

In fact, some studies have found ginger to be just as effective at relieving pain from osteoarthritis as ibuprofen!

Not to mention the heaps of additional benefits this powerful root embodies, such as being a solid digestive aid, immune booster and nausea remedy.

Tips: Peel the skin off fresh ginger using the side of a spoon! It’s way easier than trying to cut it off with a knife.

If fresh ginger isn’t available, you can use dried ginger. According to Dr. Weil…

“Dried ginger preparations are actually more powerful than fresh due to a chemical conversion and concentration of its constituents” .



Turmeric has been used medicinally for centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners to heal both internal and external inflammation .

If you’ve never seen fresh turmeric (can be hard to find in the states) look for the root veggie that looks like ginger and sweet potato’s love child.

It’s bright yellow/orange hue is attributed to a nutrient called curcumin.

According to clinic trials, curcumin may be a therapeutic agent for some diseases, such as IBD, arthiritis and certain types of cancer!

However, deeper evaluation must be done to evaluate its therapeutic potential before we all hop on a turmeric diet.


Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, strawberries – you name it! Lower in sugar, and in my ever so humble opinion, way more delicious than most fruit.

Plus, they’ve all got anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, a lot of antioxidants. Plus, a healthy amount of fiber.

So eat your berries ok??



Who woulda’ thought pineapple would make the cut in the antioxidant smoothie?!

I always assumed pineapple was too high in sugar to be nutritious. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Pineapple contains an enzyme call bromelain, which is know to reduce inflammation and potentially help patients with arthritis pain.

In fact, bromelain may be able to interfere with the growth of tumor cells and slow blood clotting .

In addition, pineapple supplies you with a healthy serving of Vitamin C.


Coconut Oil

If you’re like me, you add coconut oil to everything from lotion to cookies…

So let me wow you with yet another use for this powerful ingredient, add a scoop to your morning smoothie.

Animal studies have shown it to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis!


Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Grab your ingrediant and let’s get to blending!

This recipe is super easy and flexible. Add more/less of an ingredient based on your preferences.

Also try adding some vegetable protein powder to keep you sustained until your next meal.

Let us know in the comments below your favorite anti-inflammatory ingredient and why!


  • 1″ Piece of Ginger
  • 2 Cup Pineapple
  • 1/2 Cup Raspberries
  • 1 Cup Filtered Water (or Coconut Water)
  • 1 Teaspoon Turmeric
  • 1 Tablespoon Flaxseed Meal
  • optional: 1 Cup Greek Yogurt (for added protein)
  • optional: soaked/expanded Chia Seeds


  1. Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.
  2. If using the chia seeds, let them soak and expand before you eat them.

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