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Most women are convinced that wearing a bra will hold their breasts in place and keep them from sagging. This is particularly important for the ones with bigger breasts.

But a sport science researcher and a professor from the University of Franche-Comte in Besancon, Dr. Jean-Denis Rouillion, after conducting a 15-year study on the effects of bras, claims that wearing a bra from your formative years will not prevent sagging, back or neck pain, neither can support your breasts. The study included 330 women between the age of 18 and 35 years. According to the professor, there is no physiological, anatomical or medical reason to deny gravity to the breasts.

In fact, wearing a bra can make breasts saggier. The research showed that if young girls wear bra in their formative period, this will stop the development of the supporting chest tissue, and if not- the breasts will be perfectly toned.

As the results from the research show, the group of women which stopped wearing a bra during this period, had a 7mm lift of the nipples, in comparison with the group which continued with wearing a bra. According to the research team, bras reduce circulation and the tone of the breasts.

A well known and respected plastic surgeon from New York, Dr. Stafford Broumand, as one of the top Cosmetic doctors at Castle Connoly, claims that we should encourage young girls not to wear bras. Bras can reduce the production of collagen and lower the elasticity in breasts, decreasing the lift in developing chests.

So ladies, take off your bras and burn them immediately if you want to improve the health of your breasts and the way they look!


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