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Andrew Raposo, a famous personal trainer, has developed a slimming method, called “Flat Belly Overnight”– using only one simple trick you will lose two pounds of belly fat in one night. Raposo has been using this method for years; one day he wanted to help his sister with her overweight problem and shared the trick with her, not knowing if it will work for her.

Can this trick for flat belly overnight work for everyone?

Strict diets and exercising can lead to losing the extra weight, but this doesn`t work for everyone. Some people have been fighting this problem for years, trying everything, without result, not to mention the negative consequences like constant hunger, low energy level, insomnia, joint problems and many more.

Raposo`s sister, Amy, was one of them, she developed type II diabetes from the excess belly fat, which also made her vulnerable to conditions like heart disease, stroke, cancer or Alzheimer`s.

In Raposo`s experience, working as a trainer for many years, women over 40 have a common problem with getting rid of the belly fat, that starts to accumulate with age due to hormonal changes which makethe metabolism work slower. In this situation it`s easier to gain weight and harder to burn the belly fat.

Exercise programs and Traditional diets

Andrew`s sister started consuming more fruits and vegetable, she reduced the intake of calories and started exercising regularly. But she didn`t have the facts and instructions she needed to know.

  1. Fruits and losing weight

Fruits can do more harm than good if they are treated with chemicals and pesticides. This will increase the levels of cortisone and leptin in our organism and reduce the hormones responsible for burning fat, leading to gaining, not losing weight

  1. Reduction of calorie intake

After the age of 30, consuming less calories will only reduce the energy we need and slow down the metabolism. Without the energy it needs, our body cannot burn the belly fat.

  1. Food low in carbohydrates

This food will most certainly make our heart weaker, beating faster that it should, which can increase the risk of heart disease or stroke.

  1. Inflammation caused by HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This training is very popular the last few years, recommended by many personal trainers as a good way to speed up metabolism, heart rate and burn more calories. But the HIIT workout is more likely to cause inflammation and increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, heart disease and even stroke. These negative effects must be taken seriously.


Amy Raposo, except from type II diabetes, had a stroke, and could not lose the extra weight, no matter how hard she worked. So she asked her brother for help and he recommended her the trick he has been using for years, along with many other professional athletes.

She made some changes to the method- she added 3 minutes of exercise, some dietary changes including different herbs and spices. This didn`t decrease the effectiveness- she lost 8 pounds in the first  day. She included some food that activated her metabolism, the herbs and spices had the function of cleaning her boxy from toxins and free radicals, and the exercises stimulated calorie burning.

The Flat Belly Overnight program gave Amy the figure she has always wanted and helped her balance the blood sugar levels, normalize cholesterol and blood pressure.

Her brother was amazed by the results because this trick was meant for professional athletes and fighters. So he decided to share it with everyone who has the same problem, excess belly fat.

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