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If you think that getting in shape requires hours in the gym every day, or running miles, you are wrong. You can get incredible results with a few exercises, which are both simple and cheap.

If you want to strengthen your muscles and burn some fat, these are the 5 exercises which can help you. Only 30 minutes of workout will make you sweat, burn that extra fat and make your muscles firm.

  1. Pushups:

This is a traditional High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), where the body weight movement targets the core and the upper arms.

Lie down on the floor on your stomach with hands under the shoulders and feet at hip-width apart.

Maintain plank position where the body is straight from the neck to the heels.

Bend the elbows to bring the torso close to the ground, than push back up.

  1. Squat:

Stand up with feet at shoulder-width apart. The toes should be slightly outwards. With the torso straight, push the hips back and bend the knees to go down in squat.

The speed is your choice, go as slow as you feel comfortable. Push down on the heels whole extending the legs up to standing position.

  1. Side lunge: Stand up with your torso straight and the feet together. Lunge with the left leg towards left, while the foot is flat on the ground, as slowly as you can.

Push down on the left foot go to in an upright position, then return the left foot back in the middle, and repeat with the other leg.

  1. Spider lunge:

Go to pushup positions. The right foot should be towards the right hand, landing flat on the floor. Then bring the foot back to the first position. Repeat with the other foot.

Do as mush reps as you like, but don`t forget to engage the core during the exercise, in order to maintain balance.

  1. Glute bridge:

Lie down on the back, knees bent, feet at hip-width apart. Engage the core muscles while pushing the hips upward, by pressing down on the heels. The hands should be placed on the sides with palms facing the ground.

Create a bridge from the knees to the chest. Return to initial position. Repeat as much as you like.

Regular practice of these workouts will strengthen the body and improve flexibility. And the great thing is that you don`t need any equipment to do them, just some comfortable clothes and to know how to properly perform the exercises.


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