Apply This on Your Hands, Wait 15 Minutes and The Wrinkles Will Disappear Completely

The skin on our hands is not very strong and they are the most open part of our body that shows the signs of aging. As you can feel and touch, on the back of the hands, there is a little fat that once the collagen and elastin fibers start lowering down you can notice the wrinkles on them and there is no washing or cleaning. Moreover, using too much soup and other liquids can also damage the skin on your hands skin.

Here are some of the best natural homemade recipes that can help you improve or keep the health on your hands:

  1. Young- looking hands
  • Egg: separate the whites and yolks and mix the whites with 1 tbsp of honey. After you apply it on your hands, leave it to dry and at the end, off course, wash it with some soap and water.
  • Potato: If you want to make your hands silky smooth use one baked potato. Mash it with a fork and pour 2 tbsp of olive oil, 2 tbsp of honey and milk and mix it becomes homogenous. Apply it on your hands and let it stand for 15 minutes before you wash it with sop and water.
  • Rosehip oil- this method is the most effective and will give your hands shining and firm texture. You just have to massage your hands with this oil and relax your mind.
  1. Hands with spots
  • Lemon and sugar: Use ½ lemon to make a juice and then add 2 tsp of sugar. Apply it on your hands and make circles while scrubbing It gently. Rinse it with water after you finish with the massage.
  1. Hydrated Hands
  • Almond oil: all you need do to is to dip your hands in almond oil. First put them in cold water and hold for 5 minutes, after that dry them and apply a fatty cream. Next step is to insert your hands in cotton gloves and leave it stay overnight. In the morning your hands will be hydrated.
  • Petroleum jelly : first apply petroleum jelly on your hands and after hat put on cotton gloves. Leave to act overnight.Things to avoid:
    • Avoid biting your nails- it affects the skin and slows down the process of regeneration.
    • Avoid hot water since it dries the skin. Use warm water instead.
    • It is recommended that you always wear gloves during winter because the cold weather can dry and irritate the skin on your hands.

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