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When you consume one cup of cooked rice you insert into your body 240 calories and rice is a vegetable that can increase the risk of diabetes. In your body the rice is processed and turns into sugar, that ends up in a form of fat on your waist, arms legs etc.. Daily, Americans consume 500 calories more than the recommended. Depending on activity level, women should get 1,800 to 2,400 calories daily and men should aim for 2,200 to 3,000, according to the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Going above the limit of calories is the main cause of obesity.

Another study has been conducted to investigate the association between intake of white rice and central obesity in an Iranian population. Obesity has become one of the most important and the fastest growing health and nutritional problem, not only in developed but also in developing countries. White rice consumption causes an increase in postprandial blood glucose and could be a probable reason for obesity.

On the other hand, researchers from Sri Lanka found a way of how to burn fat and absorb more than half of the calories. All you need to add to the rice is the well known healthy powerful oil- coconut oil. This oil helps decrease the absorption of calories by cutting them in half (50 %).

Bring the water to boil, put one teaspoon of coconut oil in it and then add the rice to it. Cook it for 40 minutes and place the rice in the fridge for 12 hours, and voila, bonne appetite!

The reason of adding the coconut oil In the water and rice is because it can get inside the starch granules and helps the digestion to process the sugars. Also when the rice is in the fridge it releases a so-called “ gel” amylase. As the rice is cooling down it releases its starch and the starch links to molecules outside the rice and rice sugar is transformed into resistant starch.


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