The World Has Gone Mad For This Magnificent Purple Bread! It Cures Cancer And Prevent Neurological And Cardiovascular Diseases!!

Zhou Weibiao is a professor at the University of Singapore. He wanted to change the monotonous look of bread and make it more interesting. He found the formula to make this unicorn bread with purple color but it is not toxic or full of chemicals, he used only natural ingredients.

Moreover, he baked this bread at 200 degrees, so 80 % of the antioxidant anthocyanin is saved. Another characteristic of this bread is that it is 20 % lighter than the regular normal bread.

The goal of inventing this bread is to slow the release of energy. Due to the anthocyanin that is proven that helps fight obesity and prevent cardiovascular diseases, it makes this dough perfect to consume.

However, this bread cannot be bought in markets yet, this is a work in progress but it will be released for sale very soon!

When this happens, if you were given a choice between ordinary bread and unicorn purple healthy bread, which one would you choose?


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