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If you fallow the month you were born, you will find out more about your characteristics.


Women who are born in January is very impressive, ambitious and in nature difficult to understand. She always gives the impression of a busy lady with some overwhelming job, but she always manages to show up and shines when she appears.  They are very critical and closed inside themselves because they are very restrained and proud, but inside her she is subtle, vulnerable and very sensitive. They like to talk to the people with the same IQ as them and share the same views on life.


Ladies born in February are very elegant, charming and attractive, she is a lifelong romance seeking person and they need people around them who know how to be tolerant and patient with them. They have changing mood. She finds it very important to feel as needed by people; she does not care about her image and reputation, because this is her business card that needs to be presented to new friends.  Also, in a relationship she does not satisfy with little, she needs attention and passionate love. You need to know that if you betray them, you are never going to see them again.


Charismatic and charming, they are much focused women with few goals in life. Although she’s looking for love, they are very soft and tender. They are very kind, timid and cautious and most of the time they prefer not to fight with the world. She hides from the storms anywhere in a safe shelter, better- behind strong shoulder. Unfortunately she will not always be able to build real feelings all because her anxiety and suspiciousness.


She has all those feminine qualities that make her the queen of the heart and the dreaming range of absolutely any man. They open their soul to those who are worth their trust and will make the man she loves the happiest man on Earth. They are very rare women by her beauty and wisdom. She perfectly gets along with people, she is bright and sharp and has aristocratic manners.


May women are very persistent and loyal to the principles they have. They are also very attractive, and combined with their difficult character; they can become dangerous to any man that falls in love with them. This is the reason why you are going to remember them as long as they are alive.


June feminine are very interesting, versatile and smart person. She is aware that she has many abilities and talents. She always tries to find her proper place in love and life. They are restless and fussy. You can easily lose them forever, but if you cheat on them, they will never forget and forgive it.


She is very demanding to her and those around her. She is very proud, confident, beautiful lady with nice manners. She doesn’t like criticism and she could just pretend that she does not pay attention to the quip until a good opportunity comes for her to revenge on her offender. She is very concerned with her reputation. Men will never leave the Leo woman without attention, she is certainly successful, and loves and knows how to break men’s hearts with her inaccessibility and coldness.

Born in September, these ladies are kind, disciplined, and beautiful.  They never forgive those who will betray them. Therefore, you should be careful not to hurt them as they will seek revenge. These women want long relationships, which mean that they are not girls for only one night. On the other hand, they are very critical and they have high expectations of their partners. The man who would prove, will win.


October woman is beautiful, elegant very soft and feminine. She is very communicative but she does not strive to show the world her intelligence and practicality, but those around her notice her wisdom. She is ready to do literally everything to the one she loves; she will carry out his every whim and desires. Also, they want balance and harmony, hates gossip scandals and squabbles. These women are strong with their softness and their soft inner strength they are never destructive and rough.


November ladies are always one step ahead of the others, and they can very easy recognize a lie. You shouldn’t play with these women since you will get the worst end of it. About these women you need to know that if you are ready to hear the truth, you should never ask them for their opinion.


The ladies born in December can be very impatient, but lucky, since they always find a way to get out of any situation as winners.  These women know how to lift the mood. They have an open heart.  They are disposed to be hurt a lot, but since God is on their side, at the end these females get what they deserve.

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