Woman’s Dying Wish Is To Warn Everyone About The Deadly Disease She Got From Her Hobby

Hopefully, her story will help to discourage others from following the same path.


Frequently we hear about different activities performed everyday that have massive risks on our health. We all know that we shouldn’t drink soda, that we should get sleep and eat more vegetables. Now, though, Ashley Trenner gives us a dramatic and deeply moving look at something that is too often ignored — the dangers of tanning.

Ms. Trenner used to go to tanning beds to darken her natural skin tone. At age 33 she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma (skin cancer that spreads throughout the rest of the body). At age 40, she became terminally ill. Tanning is presented as an innocent and fun experience, something that will make you more beautiful, and young women are targeted in particular by advertisements for tanning.

Take a look at this video

Please listen to Ms. Trenner’s words and pay attention to her story. Then remember, no amount of beauty is worth your life or the pain of cancer. No amount. Share away, people.

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