Trust it or not, the shade of your pee can reveal to you a considerable measure about the condition of your present wellbeing. Truth be told, human pee has been a valuable apparatus for analysis since old circumstances – its shading, thickness and smell can uncover much about a man’s wellbeing.

Your Health and the Color Of Your Urine

Pee is generally made out of water (95%) with an expansion of urea, salts, alkali, proteins, and so forth. Its piece to a great extent relies upon what you’ve drank and eaten yet additionally on what you’ve inhaled and been presented to.

Since specialists themselves prescribe to watch out for your own pee every once in a while, attempt to regard this valuable exhortation.


This shading shows that you’re drinking excessively water. Endeavor to decrease a bit.

Light Yellow

This is an ordinary, very much hydrated pee. Keep at it.

Medium Yellow

This is likewise an ordinary pee, in any case, you might need to up your water allow a bit.

Dull Yellow

This is a sign your body is dried out – drink water promptly and ensure you’re savoring enough what’s to come.


This is normally an indication of bladder contamination or even kidney stones. It’s best to get it checked.


This shade of pee can be because of a sustenance color or genuine lack of hydration. There could likewise be an issue with your liver or a bile condition.


On the off chance that you’ve as of late eaten beats or blueberries, this is the reason your pee has turned pink. In any case, in case you’re certain you haven’t eaten any ruddy nourishments, see a specialist. This shade of pee could be an indication of kidney ailment, UTI, prostate issues or even tumors.

Dark colored

This shading can demonstrate a few things: extreme lack of hydration, liver infection, kidney sickness. Certain prescriptions can likewise turn your pee dark colored.

Blue or Green

Truly, these shades of pee really exist. For the most part, this is innocuous – nourishment colors can be an offender and a great deal of garbage sustenances, and in addition certain medicines. In any case, there is an uncommon hereditary ailment that can turn your pee blue or green, so on the off chance that it perseveres – get it checked.

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